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About Us

We are Simon, Idit, and our three kids Sol, Shani and Gaia.

In 2003 we took the decision to buy land in Greece. After much searching and visiting different areas in mainland Greece, we found our plot of land just outside of Methoni Village. We finally moved to Greece in 2005 and since then have built a small tourist accommodation business and our family home, within a 2 acre olive grove facing the sea. 


Both of us, had an inner calling to go back to work the land, to build with our hands, to get 'back to our roots'. To live and work closer to and alongside nature. Discovering the flora and forna of the Mediterranean in a wild and rugged environment, and to offer our children an alternative experience. 


After the adventures, mishaps and wonders of the initial couple of years, we are now settled, and still settling, into our seaside village life. 


Through late autumn,winter and early spring, we add, we maintain, we change and slowly shape our home, with recycled materials and washed up drift wood from the sea, learning about new ways of being and working with what we have. We work in the gardens, planting, pruning, making our own cuttings, giving back to the land, cultivating vegetables

and caring for our 200 majestic olive trees, pruning and shaping the form for optimum health. 


The fruits are harvested in late November with the help of volunteers from around the world, a way to exchange; by offering work for accommodation, food and conversation, discussing views and exchanging ideas. We harvest between 500 and 1200 lites of premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, all by hand over a period of 2 -3 weeks.

The entire area has a festive feel as the local groves are a whirl of activity. We bag up the olives and take them to the local press where we enjoy the lively banter with the other farmers whilst supervising the process of extraction that finally produces a liquid gold extra virgin oil that is second to none.


























All our farming activities incorporate green, organic and sustainable methods. Our aim is to work alongside Nature in a harmonious and respectful manner. We incorporate permaculture methods, helping in maintaining a healthy balanced soil and minimising water usage. All garden plants are endemic and selected to have minimal water requirements and are irrigated using a drip system, again conserving water wherever possible. 

We work with EM technology, Effective Micro organisms, which have been on our planet from the dawn of time, we spray the soil, the flora and vegetation to maintain a healthy balanced ecosystem .The only other fertilisers are used on our land come from our kitchen waste compost or goat/cow manure.


Living with and observing the rhythms of nature, and being open to the elements around us, we come to learn how to imitate it, so nothing goes to waste. The leaves from the trees are used as mulch, the wood cut when harvesting the olives is used to heat our house , branches utilised in our vegetables raised beds, and all other branches are turned back into the soil to aid creating a healthy topsoil.

Living and working in this way has been a gift. It has changed the quality of our lives, our perception, appreciation and our connectedness to life. 


Our chickens are free range and aid us in sharing the kitchen waste with our compost bin as well as providing enormous tasty eggs. 


As often as possible we use recycled materials for outside building projects ( greenhouses, pergolas, raised vegetable beds, walls, paths, animal shelters, tree houses etc) either combed from beaches when storms have delivered timbers. Stones and wood recovered from dump sites.  


We have developed a love for this unspoilt corner of Europe and take great pleasure in hosting guests from all over the world.


Our intention at Seabreeze Villa Holidays is to facilitate our guests enjoying a memorable holiday by providing a comfortable environment in which to relax, whilst maintaining the utmost respect for their privacy. If invited, we share our experience and enthusiasm and recommendations for the area 

We are honoured that we can invite others to share our homestead for a week or two and introduce people to the beauty of this truly wonderful area, which has something to offer to all ages. We invite you to come and experience it for yourselves.


For further examples of Simons photos please view my website


Seabreeze Holiday Villa Accommodation Methoni Greece
Seabreeze Holiday Villa Accommodation Methoni Greece
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